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Sorry for the silence over on this end. It’s been a crazy month; we are in the process of selling our house and buying another, and my days have been filled with taping boxes and filling them with everything we own. So instead of a recipe I bring you some photos from a few family sessions I’ve done recently.

I have Shortcakes with Roasted Fruit and Rosemary on Wit & Delight, as well as a Cherry Skillet Cake on Handmade Charlotte.

Lady and Pups. I want to make everything.

How Animals Eat Their Food. (I love this. Also, Part 2.)

Gary Provost on writing.
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
srah kieffer
sarah kieffer

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9 Responses to photographs + links

  1. ADORABLE pix! Congrats on the move! and hang in there. I know moving is the worst. But so exciting about a new home!

  2. Wow I love the focal point of the first shot. And good luck with the move!

  3. These photos are treasures.

  4. Laura says:

    Those last two made me smile so hard. Love. Sending a big hug for an easy move, Sarah! xo

  5. Moving is rough. Every time I move, I ask myself if it was really worth it and I also wonder if I really need all that stuff. A certain amount of purging does happen before I leave the old place and when I arrive to the new place, but I never manage to ditch enough stuff to make moving easier. Sigh.
    Good luck with everything! It will all happen, one way or another.

    Loved the links, especially that brownies & milk popsicle recipe. I see those popsicles in my future.

  6. Yep you have a LOT going on. Hang in there. I enjoyed the photos you posted by the way.

  7. Skye says:

    Gorgeous roundup, Sarah, and such beautiful photographs. They’re otherworldly.

  8. molly says:

    That provost quote is brilliant. (Five words. All true. Also true: good luck with your move!!!!!)


  9. Annie says:

    Lovely photos! Your fruity recipes look delish. Good luck with the move…. remember, “this, too, shall pass!”

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